My name is Mati Koppel and I am the founder of Bambuskeskus OÜ.

The idea of ​​the Bambuskeskus began in 2008 when I started to build my home. I was looking for a novel material that would be strong, eye-catching and quick to recover. After some searches, I found the right material - bamboo.

I discovered that bamboo has many advantages over other tropical wood species. First, bamboo is not a tree in the classic sense, but rather a herbaceous plant.

Bamboo is the fastest growing living organism on the planet, growing up to 1 m per day. Moso bamboo, which is mainly used to produce bamboo materials, grows in the harvesting process for 5 years.

Wood, on the other hand, is suitable for 40-80 years. Bamboo grows back to the place where the bamboo strain was harvested. As the growing area is not disturbed, no surface erosion occurs. Bamboo binds 30% more carbon dioxide than wood.

The Bambuskeskus offers MOSO bamboo floors, bamboo facades, bamboo furniture boards (7-40 mm), bamboo brushes, and bamboo sheds. In addition, we also offer handmade bamboo furniture and handicrafts in Indonesia.

Having been in the market since 2017, the Bambuskeskus has been involved in many exciting projects. Including the construction of the raw bamboo partition of Aura Water Center recreation center, development of bicycle with bamboo frame in cooperation with TUT students and completion of special furniture for Swimitation Spa of Tehvandi Sports Center.

The Bambuskeskus cooperates with several internationally recognized companies, including MOSO International (The Netherlands), an internationally recognized manufacturer of bamboo materials.

The Bamboo Center is always pleased to be involved in various projects and the development of innovative designs and solutions. We are happy to answer any questions about bamboo and related issues.

Our values ​​and future trends:

  •     Reduce Global CO2 Emissions (Most Bamboo products offered by Bambus Center are CO2 neutral).

  •     Introducing bamboo material as an alternative to endangered tropical wood species to preserve already threatened rainforests.

  •     Develop and improve bamboo products.

  •     Stay abreast of new trends and developments in renewable and recyclable materials.

  •     To grow as the main supplier and distributor of bamboo materials in the Baltic States.