My name is Mati Koppel and I am the founder of Bambuskeskus OÜ. My personal journey to bamboo began in 2008 when I was looking for a new building material that would be environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful.

At the moment, I can say with certainty that, in terms of its strength, appearance and environmentally friendly properties, bamboo is not a worthy adversary among other organic materials.

We live in an age of change and challenge! We have the opportunity to curb, at least in part, climate change and its consequences. The real positive changes come from the choices and awareness of all of us. It doesn't matter if you are an architect, designer or builder, by choosing fast-renewable materials alone, you can make a significant contribution to climate neutrality.

Thus, one good way to save a considerable amount of nature is to look for alternative alternatives to non-renewable or slowly renewable base materials, such as concrete, steel and wood, in the furniture and construction sectors, for example.

What are the benefits of bamboo

  • The fastest growing living organism on the planet, growing up to 1 m per day

  • Bamboo is not wood in the classical sense, it is a herb

  • Moso bamboo, which is used mainly for the production of bamboo materials, grows ready for felling in 4-5 years

  • The need to cut bamboo forest is only 25% of the total forest mass

  • Bamboo grows back directly to the place of growth

  • The bamboo plant restores the ecological balance of depleted soils

  • Bamboo plants protect the banks of rivers and lakes from soil loss

  • As the growing surface is not disturbed, there is no surface erosion

  • Bamboo sequesters 30% more carbon dioxide from the air than wood

  • Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than ordinary forest

  • Bamboo materials are very durable

  • Some technical bamboo materials have high fire resistance

  • Ideally replaces wood and in some cases even steel in the construction industry

  • Beautiful in appearance

  • Technical bamboo is a CO2 neutral product

  • Very wide range of applications


Having been operating in the market since 2017, Bambuskeskus has been involved in several exciting projects.

Including the construction of a raw bamboo partition in the recreation area of ​​Aura Water Center, development of a bicycle with a bamboo frame in cooperation with TUT students.

Completion of custom-made furniture for the Swimitation Spa of Tehvandi Sports Center. Currently (2021), an environmentally friendly electric vehicle Rotango is being developed with partners, the body parts of which are made of bamboo and rattan.

The entry of Rotango into the market should significantly reduce both congestion in the city center and CO2 emissions in general.

Bamboo Center is always happy to be involved in various projects and the development of innovative designs and solutions. We are happy to answer all your questions about bamboo and related products.

Our values ​​and development directions

  • Reduce global CO2 emissions (most bamboo products offered by Bamboo Center are CO2 neutral)

  • Introduce bamboo material as an alternative to endangered tropical wood species to preserve already endangered rainforests

  • Develop and improve bamboo products

  • Keep abreast of new trends and developments in renewable and reusable materials

  • To grow into the main supplier and distributor of bamboo materials in the Baltics


Mati Koppel 



Bambuskeskus OÜ cooperates with several internationally recognized companies, among them MOSO International B.V. (Netherlands), one of the largest internationally recognized producers and developers of bamboo materials.